Take a Workshop

This is the best way to see how AVP empowers people to create peaceful interpersonal relationships. Because we only occasionally have community workshops, you can experience a workshop by taking one at the three prisons where AVP-NNM has an active presence. You’ll not only have a great workshop experience but also get an idea of AVP prison work — safe, eye-opening, and soul-satisfying. 

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Your contribution supports workshops that are making a difference in the lives of inmates and community members in northern New Mexico.



AVP is always looking for volunteers in either a one-time or ongoing capacity. Here are some organizational needs:

  • update our workshop database
  • grant-writing or other fundraising
  • liaise with other community groups
  • bookkeeping 
  • arrange special events to introduce AVP to the community or youth
  • [your talent here!]

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Become a facilitator

Learn how to facilitate AVP workshops by completing an apprenticeship after taking all three of the AVP workshops (Basic, Advanced, Training for Facilitators). You’ll join teams of other facilitators to conduct community and prison workshops, and you’ll experience first-hand the amazing rewards of seeing individuals change their lives.  

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Bring AVP to your community, church, or youth group. It’s easier than you think — you get together the group and provide the space, and AVP-NNM does (almost) all the rest.  

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Facilitate AVP overseas

Gain experience at home and then find facilitation opportunities with AVP International. Three of our AVP-NNM facilitators have worked on teams in Burundi, Colombia, and Nepal, truly life-changing ventures. 

Go to the AVP International webpage to find your country of interest or visit Friends Peace Teams to find AVP in Africa, Latin America, and Asia-West Pacific.

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Some of our friendly AVP-NNM facilitators and volunteers.